We are thrilled to be featured on the front cover of Dockyard Magazine, the Marine and Renewables Journal, January 2018 issue. James Williams, Managing Director at USS says: “It’s the first time my face has ever been on the front cover of any magazine! Thanks to Dockyard Magazine!”

Not only have we snagged the cover shot but there is a full-page article on USS titled ‘Unmanned Hydrographic Surveying in Hazardous Shallow Waters’. It makes interesting reading.

The article covers the recent use of USS hydrographic survey vessels which provided remotely controlled and autonomous bathymetric surveys in areas where access for a traditional manned survey vessel was not possible.

It highlights the growing need for USV’s with optional payload and remote-controlled capabilities, to map areas that previously went unsurveyed due to excess risk or hazards to human health.

We are truly thrilled to be featured. And on the cover!

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