Unmanned Survey Solutions

Design and build next-generation Unmanned Surface Vessels

USS was created by a team of highly skilled surveyors with over 35 years experience in the hydrographic survey industry.

To design and produce the next generation of smarter USV’s to meet increasing demands within the industry.

Hydrographic surveys conducted in enclosed, shallow, coastal or inland waters can be hazardous to both personnel and equipment.

A challenge which required a new solution to existing expensive and ineffectual survey methods.

Inception class Unmanned Surface Vessel

In 2017 we launched the Inception Class Vessel as a stand-alone solution to mapping any such survey.

Each comes with specialist capabilities and fitted with multi-operational payload equipment, deploying a range of pre-calibrated sensors to capture high-resolution data.

They are easily transported and rapidly mobilised for any hydrographic, environmental, inspection or reconnaissance works.

Two versions are now available for sale or to hire:

The Inception Mark I

The Inception Mark II


These USV’s have been designed for their robustness, portability and endurance.

USS is proud to be part of the innovation of smarter hydrographic survey systems.

Achieving our goal of producing the next generation of USV’s that increase productivity, save time, money and ultimately exceed marine survey requirements, without compromise.

Inception MKii
Inception MKii
Inception MKi
Inception MKii

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