The latest Marine-i publication – Marine Tech Transformers is out.

The booklet demonstrates the impact of the Marine-i project over the past three years. It showcases the innovative projects that have been developed and their success. With profiles of the Cornish marine businesses involved.

What they say about USS:

“Unmanned Survey Solutions (USS) is a key player in smarter hydrographic survey technology. Its next-generation of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs), the Accession Class, is a much larger vessel than their previous models and is designed for use in the open sea.

Aimed at the offshore industries and with the ability to operate long-endurance applications, the Accession Class will work as a force multiplier with a mother vessel and will integrate increased payloads to provide the launch and recovery of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). This innovative 4.5m vessel is being designed from the ground up by a Naval Architect.

The applications of the Accession Class will include seabed mapping, offshore wind farm turbine inspections, enforcement activities by inshore fisheries and conservation authorities, environmental mapping on intertidal areas, and the monitoring of marine mammals.

This innovative vessel has the opportunity to reach global markets and create important new opportunities for Cornwall’s marine supply chain. Business assistance and a Marine-i grant have supported the design and construction of a fullscale working prototype.”

We are delighted to feature in this latest publication. Read more about how USS has been involved with the Marine-i project and, see our Director, James Williams in their New Horizons video.

Download the PDF