Survey Services

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USS provide a unique solution to survey operations by utilising Multi-purpose USVs that are capable of deploying a range of pre-calibrated sensors with rapid on-site mobilisation and operated by experienced professional hydrographic surveyors.

Our mission is to provide specialist capability in the operation of USVs fitted with a multitude of payload equipment for hydrographic, environmental, inspection and reconnaissance works.

Our goal is to become the leading provider of unmanned solutions to manage every aspect of survey operations from planning, through to data acquisition, post processing and the final production of fully referenced datasets with complete reporting to industry standard formats and client specified criteria.

Our approach throughout this process is to offer quality of service to the highest level of professional oversight by IHO/FIG CAT A supervision.

Unmanned Survey Solutions offers increased safety and reduced costs by operating as a sole solution, replacing traditional manned vessel methods or as supplementary support to a mother ship – doubling or tripling productivity as a force mutiplier.

Unmanned Survey Solutions primary customers are:

  • National Agencies who undertake coastal and bathymetric surveys. These organisations have national mapping plans that require bathymetric data in both rolling plans and one off surveys.
  • Research Organisations undertaking studies of the environment in coastal waters.
  • Oil and Gas Suppliers who require unmanned solutions for applications in and around offshore production facilities where manned vessel are banned.
  • Renewable Operators requiring new and repeat geophysical surveys to be undertaken cheaper and quicker which standard methods cannot currently offer.
  • Natural Resource Suppliers
  • Port and Harbour Authorities looking for new methods to gather hydrographic data
  • Dredging Companies
  • Airborne LiDAR operators for support of infilling regions of high light attenuation
  • Developing countries with a requirement to map their near shore environment, for whom current methods are too expensive